Viridor New England Quarry

ECOIVY UPDATE from Charlotte and Murray


We finally have new developments at New England Quarry to let you know about.

This means there is one final, final opportunity for you to influence the planning decision. So if you have time, please respond as the battle to stop this incinerator is not yet won and your input is still badly needed.

Just to recap. In July 2011 the Devon County Council Planning Officers recommended to refuse Viridor’s planning application for a huge incinerator and million tonne landfill at New England Quarry, near Lee Mill.

Before Devon County Counsellors were able to make their decision, Viridor asked to defer the planning decision in order submit further information which they felt could change the officers recommendation.

Viridor has submitted the additional information and now the public have a chance to comment on it.

We officially have until 15th February 2012 however Devon County Planning Officers are thankfully willing to accept responses after this date.

The additional information is a SLR/APEM report on River Yealm Ecology dated December 2011 and an SLR report – summary of baseline bat survey work 2008-2011

The County Council has also commissioned a study of the woodland around the quarry site: Landscape Ecology of the New England Quarry Area, Lee Mill, Devon 13th January 2012. These documents can be viewed in full at the website:

Below is an overview of some of the points we are concerned about and the details of how to submit your comments to Devon County Councils planning department:

Ancient Woodland. The area is Ancient Woodland and should be protected. It has been officially confirmed that the proposed site does contain Ancient Woodland and to destroy it would be contrary to Local planning guidance and EU directives.

Access Road. Altering the proposed access road would be such a large change in the planning application that we feel the whole application would need to be resubmitted.

Bat Survey. The second bat survey has only concentrated on the original access route and not the rest of the site.

Fish. We are concerned the fish at risk in the river Yealm will be affected by pollution from the construction of the incinerator and landfill and it may cause serious damage to the ecosystem of the river Yealm and its valley.

No Need for the Incinerator. There is a lack of local need for the incinerator and landfill. Since the Viridor application was submitted the South West Devon Waste Partnership have got planning permission for an incinerator in Plymouth. Considering other waste plants and strategies there is not enough council or commercial and industrial waste for another incinerator in Devon. To import waste to Devon to be incinerated would go against the proximity principle.

Comments by the public on the additional information for planning application DCC/2975/2010 can be sent:

By email:

If sending an email, please include your name and a postal address to ensure that your views are registered.
Any email without a name and postal address will not be acknowledged.

By post:
Mrs S Penaluna
Planning Officer
Devon County Council
ABG Lucombe House
County Hall

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and don’t forget to send your response to Devon County Council as soon as you can.

Kind regards,


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