About DAIA

The Devon Alliance for Incineration Alternatives (DAIA) is a collective of organisations aiming to stop the onslaught of incinerators in this beautiful part of the world. The threat is real. Join us.

On this website, the home page is the “blog” where you will find posts about currents events – for example dates of meetings will be on the home page.

The following are all DAIA members. Click on the link to get to the relevant website.

Ecoivy – based in Ivybridge fighting the Viridor incinerator proposed for Lee Mill.

Incineration Is Wrong – based in Plymouth fighting the MVV incinerator in Devonport.

PL21 is a Transition Initiative based on the PL21 postcode focusing on sustainable living and responding to the threats of peak oil and climate change.

South Hams Friends of the Earth based in Totnes but campaigning against incinerators in Plymouth and Lee Mill

Buckfastleigh Community Forum has a mine of information

Save our South Hams has a good picture of smoke!


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